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  1. this blog is life changing. it helped me discover myself in a time of complete darkness and great distress. i praise the author. he changed my life.


  2. Jeff

    Just read your blog on ‘why you should wrestle’….inspiring and so true across many aspects of life and spectrum of ages. Reminded me of shackleton’s escape from the South Pole on how challenges can change your life.

    Hope everything is well with you…. Alan Sutherland


  3. Hi Jeff
    I am Joe’s sister and Jaime’s Mum (and Sheila’s sister-in-law, and Hannah and Mitchell’s aunty and and and…..). Sheila just forwarded on your latest post to me and I just loved reading it. What an uplifting story! It’s made my day. Joe, Sheila and family are truly special people and I’m so glad you’ve met them. Jaime and her friends also had a wonderful time with you so it seems that Sydney was a good experience all round. Great start to your Antipodean adventure! We live in Toowoomba, 1.5 hours inland from Brisbane, so if you find yourself up this way, you are welcome to come and stay with us too. (You can get details from Jaime).
    Best of luck – and ENJOY!!


    • Jeanne-Marie,
      Your entire family, from those related by blood or by love are the absolute best! I would love to meet you and the rest if the family in person. I am planning to go from the Gold Coast to Cairns, or Cairns to the Gold Coast in which case I would travel fairly close to Toowoomba. I will definitely let know my dates when they get closer, but it’s sounding pretty good right now, if everyone in your family is ok with my staying of course.
      Cheers (you guys say that here, right?)


  4. To meet the rest of Joe’s family, his Mum and Dad and younger sister and all her family, you would have to come to South Africa! Joe’s Mum


  5. Great to see you landing on your feet (wrestlers have good balance) with the wallet fiasco…
    Some good reading here my friend. Travel has a way of doing that…highs and lows
    I’ll be following and saying a few prayers for you and hope all goes well. Your off to a great start and you get the most important part…it’s about the people you meet…
    Jim Dalton


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